Soul Beauty, Vol. 2: The Love EP

by BrotherSpanky

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this project is a culmination of love songs i had written over the past several years. they sat in the proverbial vault since i had nobody to sing them. then i got bored and decided to just sing them myself.


released May 3, 2011

all vocals, instruments and production: BrotherSpanky



all rights reserved


BrotherSpanky Washington, D.C.

Brooklyn-born, DC-raised Jason "BrotherSpanky" Edwards is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer. Influenced by nearly everything and everyone he listens to, his music is inspired by his own personal experience and reflects the soul, r&b, hiphop, funk, gospel, rock and jazz music on which he was raised. ... more

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Track Name: 365 (Valentine's Day)
valentine's day don't mean sh*t to me
greeting cards and paper hearts ain't gifts to me
misappropriated history
fabricated in a cloud of mystery
suddenly it only seems to be
a one-day-only show of what you mean to me
flowers, candy, cards and diamond rings
like love is only worth the price of shiny things
they're only meant for show
but i want you to know

i want to show
want you to know
this ain't no game
it's the real thing
you need to see
need to believe
i love you girl
365 days a year

and it ain't necessary to believe
that all those paper hearts are meant for you and me
and i would rather that you always see
that loving you ain't just a part time job for me
i'd give you anything you want from me
not just so all the people at your job can see
a dozen roses on your desk would only mean
i gave my money to the flower company
they're only meant for show
but i want you to know

january ain't so cold
february, i'm still sold
march and april, i'll be true
may, june and july with you
august and september sun
october and november comes
december, when the winter's here
i'm loving you throughout the year
Track Name: Faraway
for better or for worse
days are brighter when i'm around you
a blessing and a curse
they grow longer when i'm without you
and time just seems to stall
the clock up on my wall
don't seem to move at all
until i hear your call
and now i feel like all of a sudden
all i want is to be right beside you

i'm feeling more that every day
is better than in the beginning
i'm feeling more like i can't wait
until the day that you're here with me
but you're so faraway, faraway, faraway from me
so faraway, faraway, faraway from me
you're so faraway, faraway, faraway from me
so faraway, faraway, faraway from me

no place i wouldn't go
nothing i wouldn't do to be near you
the sweetest thing i know
is the sound of your voice when i hear you
most nights i stay at home
i lay beside my phone
i feel so all alone
the moment you are gone
i couldn't write a song if i wanted
when i do, all the words are about you

i'm feeling more that every day
is better than in the beginning
i'm feeling more like i can't wait
until the day that you're here with me
and it's the same from day to day
i know i can't fight this feeling
and every day i lay and wait
while i'm staring at the ceiling
'cause you're so faraway, faraway, faraway from me
so faraway, faraway, faraway from me
you're so faraway, faraway, faraway from me
so faraway, faraway, far...
Track Name: Crash & Burn
they say the world is getting warmer
well, at least that's what I'm told
I've got to say it's hard to notice
when everybody acts so cold
no one seems to care
and no one's even truly there
and no one knows the way to go
so if you see me standing here
please don't even stop and share
'cause I don't even want to know

if everything's gon' crash and burn
can I be the last to learn?
so I don't have to turn and run away from
all the things I'd leave behind
can I have some peace of mind
that when it all comes crashing down I'll be with you?...

the economy has fallen
don't nobody got no dough
the unemployment line is longer
than it's ever been before
everybody's lining up
when all the money's drying up
'cause we don't know what else to do
the banks are failing now
they even need some bailing out
but baby, all I need is you

and I don't care if the world flies right by us
'cause either way, it's gon' fall down beside us
we run away to where the whole world can't find us
you soothe me like blue sheets clutched by Linus
this world is tough; I need a touch like midas
but everything I clutch turns plus into minus
worthless when everything once was priceless
the only thing coming up now is gas prices
and add that to the cost of my bills
dough low, flow go like the oil when it spills
those over the hill all know it was real
when a whole dollar bill was the dough for a meal
I pined for the limelight, gloss of a deal
the house on the hill that would cost me a mil
but all I know now is how awful it'd feel
if I gained the whole world, but I lost you, for real
I need you
Track Name: The Answers
when all is said and done
will you still love me?
when all my money's gone
will you still want me?
when we're both 81
will you still need me?
I just wanna know for sure
would you ever leave me?

I already know the answers
it's yes, yes, yes, no
I already know the answers
it's yes, yes, yes, no

when I am old and grey
would you stay beside me?
if I went blind today
would you be there to guide me?
and when you've got something to say
can you confide in me?
I just wanna know for sure
would you ever lie to me?

know that I only want to be with you
know that I could never see me leaving you
know that I will always be there for you
and I know that you feel the same way too

when I've had an awful day
would you hug and kiss me?
if I came back from far away
would you tell me you missed me?
and when I sometimes make mistakes
would you show me mercy?
'cause that's what love's all about
I just wanna know for sure
would you ever hurt me?
but I've already figured it out
Track Name: Are You Listening
are you listening when I say to you
there's nothing left for me to do for you
you tell me that you want my company
well baby, that's the way it's gonna be
and are you listening when I'm telling you
there's nothing left for me to give to you
but if it's loving that you want from me
then baby, that's the way it's gonna be

if love is what you want from me, babe
love is what you'll get from me, babe
all the times I've thought of you lately and
all the times I've uttered your name and
I imagine talks with our neighbors and
big backyard where we can raise babies and
big front porch that we can play spades in
i don't know babe, maybe I'm crazy

and do you hear me when I'm telling you
I close my eyes and I see me and you
and maybe someday we'll live comfortably
don't even need the lap of luxury
and do you hear the things I say to you
cross my heart, I swear my love is true
next to you is where I want to be
so baby, that's the way it's gonna be

maybe I'm crazy
but I can see me and you
you and me, baby
'cause I can't stop loving you...
Track Name: Destiny
we gaze at stars that are already burned out
sharing their rays from over lightyears away
we stand on shores holding hands in the moonlight
each wave that breaks there comes from miles away
for a fleeting moment in the sand
it travels to a distant land
sun shines from east to west
on a journey that leads to us
and just like the stars and seas
travel just to come to be
well it must be in their destiny
and that must by why you're next to me

if stars and oceans, skies and seas
all have their own destiny
then why should it be hard to see
that you and I are meant to be

your size and shape is a divine formulation
from head to toe, and all that falls in between
the perfect sum of the creator's equation
each day I'm thankful just to call you my queen
and I can't even sleep unless
I can feel your sweet caress
your skin is like mahogany
please tell me that you're drawn to me
the way that I am drawn to you
my love is what I offer you
from the moment that I talked to you
it was my destiny to fall for you

I say I love you every time that I see you
I even tell you when you're far away
and I know that sometimes telling someone you love them
can be the simple thing that's hardest to say
but loving you ain't hard for me
and baby it ain't hard to see
that sometimes when you talk to me
you're scared to give your heart to me
but I never want to hurt you babe
and I hope that I am worth you babe
and I know that I ain't perfect babe
but I love you and I'm certain babe
Track Name: Your Eyes
how do you stem the tide
of all the love that flows
beneath the surface of your smile?
and how do you say goodbye
to all the feelings that we share,
when we look into each other's eyes?
you look to the side and up
deciding what you wanna say to me
don't sugarcoat it babe
just say the way you want this thing to be

you can't hide what you feel
'cause your eyes give you away
can't deny this is real
'cause your eyes show what you can't say

and how can you tell those lies
that you ain't mad at me
when you don't say the way you feel?
and how can you say that I
don't understand the way it is
when you don't say the way it is for real?
I recognize the look your eyes make
when you won't say what you mean
don't be afraid
just go ahead and tell me everything you need

and how will i know for sure
the things that make you mad?
the things that you can't stand?
the things you wish we had?
and baby, even though
your eyes say things you've never told me
i will never know
until you start to show me
Track Name: Believe Me
you think I'm just like other guys
I can't convince you otherwise
maybe I am the same
but babe, it feels like I have changed
I know I need you in my life
you say you're tired of the lies
but you don't seem to realize
the words I say to you are true
and baby, here's the proof
you need to see the reasons why

I love you, I love you
I want you, I need you
adore you, I'm for you
I'd never ignore you
you're perfect, my baby
I need you, my lady
stay here, please don't leave me
you've got to believe me

I know I've messed up more than once
but I'd do anything you want
to show you all I want again
is just to be your man
I'm just a sucker for your love
I know that sometimes it's so hard
for you to just let down your guard
if you can see that I am genuine
then let me in
I want to just be where you are

words are so imperfect
'cause they leave so much unsaid
the things I say don't sound the way
they do inside my head
I try to show you how I feel
in every other way
it breaks my heart that all that I can do
is simply say
Track Name: Runaway
why don't you understand me?
I'm not lying to you
baby, I'm right here standing
standing here like a fool
I'm not being demanding
all I'm trying to do
I just want you to have me
can I be next to you?

but you runaway, runaway, runaway
from my open arms
why do you runaway, runaway, runaway
leave my broken heart

I would never deceive you
I would always be true
and I've seen the way he treats you
I'd be better for you
and how could you love a cheater?
someone who lies to you
I'd make you a believer
baby, I'd die for you

and you might think that I'm crazy
baring my soul to you
but you don't know how you make me
feel when I'm close to you
and I'm not saying I'm perfect
I might make mistakes too
but I know it'd be worth it
just to make them with you
Track Name: Lullaby
you take your clothes off, brush your teeth
you take a shower and get dressed for bed
so lay your head down on my pillow, I don't mind
you use my chest instead
(baby) and I've told you times before
(baby) that I don't mind it when you snore
(baby) I even miss it when you're gone
(baby) and sometimes when I sleep alone
(baby) don't be surprised if late at night
I reach my hand out
just to feel you're there

goodnight to you, see you in the morning
sweet dreams
goodnight to you, see you in the morning
my queen

and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't miss you
in the time between
but I know that there'll be plenty time to kiss you
inside my dreams
(baby) and I know it's hard to see
(baby) and many people don't believe
(baby) that even though we're both asleep
(baby) that I can feel you next to me
(baby) sometimes I need to feel you
breathing right beside me
makes it easier